State Rapid & Blitz Chess Championship 2017

    All affiliated units and ABCA office-bearers
    State Challengers -2017 , 12-16 July, Muzaffarpur

    Please find attached tournament brochure of the captioned event to be organised by MDCA from 12th to 16th July 2017 at Akash Vihar Rest House, Kalambagh Chowk, Muzaffarpur. Its circular has also been circulated through whatsup and is uploaded on website

    However, in view of a few queries made with the undersigned regarding seeding criteria introduced to the upcoming State Premier also proposed to be organised by MDCA it is clarified that :
    As per decision taken in the ABCA GB Meeting this year those players who fulfil the following condition can be granted seeding :
    1. Premier players who represent state in the previous year’s National challengers i.e. 2016
    2. Players who secure 2200 Elo rating as per latest FIDE rating list.

    Accordingly, the following players are declared seeded for the upcoming National Premier 2017 :-
    1. Sudhir Kumar Sinha- Patna Rank -4th
    2. Saurav Roop – Patna Rank -5th
    3. Rahul Kumar – Patna Rank-6th
    4. Bhoopnath – Darbhanga Rank -8th
    5. Saurabh Anand- Purnea Elo Rating -2322

    As such,they are not eligible to take part in the State challengers event 2017 and would enjoin top six players selected from the captioned Challengers event including one representative from host unit in the ensuing State Premier 2017.

    All ABCA district units are requested to confirm full quota ( 4 players) and recognised clubs/academy (2 players) in the challengers event. For entry more than the quota the units may send a request to the organisers under advise to ABCA on or before the last date of entry i.e. Sunday, the 9th July 2017 failing which a late fine Rs. 200/- per player will be charged uptill close of entry deadline i.e. 11th July 2017.

    All the units are requested to provide 2 chess clocks in working condition to the host unit and keep target of having at least 5 chess clocks with their unit.

    The units who have not cleared affiliation fee dues uptill 2017-18 compulsorily through bank deposit ( no cash payment ) in ABCA bank account are requested to clear the affiliation fee dues amount on or before 8th July 2017 in order to avoid any embarrassment in acceptance of entry.


    Arvind Kr Sinha,FIDE Master
    Secretary,All Bihar Chess Association