Medical Evaluation of the age of Chess Players


    Medical evaluation of age

    As per AICF rules based on Govt of India guidelines, any age- group player who does not possess a PROPER and VALID age certificate cannot be allowed to play any age-group National Championship.

    (1) PROPER – The birth certificate  issued by appropriate Govt  authorities such as Municipal Corporation, Gram Panchayat etc.
    ( Matriculation examination board ,school/college etc.certificates  are not permitted )
    (2) VALID – The above birth certificate  registered  within one year of the birth of the child,

    (3) For those who do not fulfill the above condition , AICF organizes  a ONE TIME medical evaluation of age test  once in a year. The test  include physical examination, dental examination and radiological examination conducted in a Govt hospital.

    In  2016 session, the medical test would be organized by AICF on 13th & 14th February 2016 in Chennai. The terms and condition for the test are as under:
    Terms & conditions

    The Medical Evaluation to determine the age of the players, will be held at Chennai on 13th and 14th February, 2016

    Players who do not have proper documents as per AICF rules may kindly avail this opportunity to clear their age related issues. Such players may register with AICF immediately.

    This Medical evaluation may take two days (though the efforts will be made to conclude in one day) and you are therefore requested to book your return tickets accordingly.   Travel expenses, local transportation and boarding & lodging will be borne by the player.

    Players are requested to send Demand draft  for Rs.5000/- favouring All India Chess Federation payable at Chennai towards x-ray charges and doctors fee, local transportation etc.,

    On arrival at Chennai you are requested to kindly report at 09.00.A.M. on 13th February, 2016  at the All India Chess Federation’s office Room.No.70, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Chennai – 600 003 ( Near Chennai Central Railway Station ).

    Parent of the player will be required to give an undertaking to undergo the age medical evaluation test. Hence the Player should be accompanied by the Parent.

    Please be informed that players who do not have proper documents as per AICF rules and does not attend the test, will not be allowed to participate in any age related tournaments in future.

    All State Chess Associations are requested to ensure that their players are informed of the above and to take steps to eradicate this age fraud menace under their jurisdiction.

    All the players who want to make use of this opportunity are directed to inform AICF in writing duly recommended by their respective state chess associations before 15th January, 2016.

    All stake holders are requested to be guided by the above.

    All ABCA district  units, chess club & academies, chess coaches and players are  are requested to take note of it and send us the detailed list of their registered players who do not fulfill the above criteria.

    Please note that  para 8 of the above AICF instructions requires strict implementation of the Govt of India guidelines in state level age group chess events also.

    Accordingly, Secretaries of affiliated district units , clubs & academies are requested to ensure passing on this information among all their registered players and forward us a compliance report to this effect by email latest by 15th December 2015 for its further transmission to AICF.

    Arvind Kumar Sinha,FM
    Secreatry, All Bihar Chess Association