ABCA Election of Office- Bearers 2018-22- Notice and modalities

    All affiliated units of ABCA and its office bearers
    Dear Sir
    Please find attached official notice of the AG Meeting convened on 18th March 2018 sent to you earlier.
    As per the resolutions taken in the GB meeting held on 25th February 2018 regarding ensuing ABCA Election of Office- Bearers for the session 2018-22 notified to be held in the AGM on 18th March 2018, certain modalities of the election will be as under :
    List of affiliated unit of ABCA who have been conferred voting right in the election of ABCA Office- bearers for the session 2018-22 is appended below:.
    Out of the total 17 affiliated district units of ABCA , the following units will be voters :-
    1. Patna
    2. Muzaffarpur
    3. Kishanganj
    4. Bhagalpur
    5. Begusarai
    6. Khagaria
    7. Vaishali
    8. Sitamarhi
    9. Chhapra
    10. Bhojpur
    11. Rohtas
    12. Purnia
    13. Madhepura
    14. Darbhanga
    15. Madhubani
    Besides above, Samastipur and Munger Ditrict units, will attend the AGM but will not be authorized to take part in the election process.
    Important : Three units out of the top 15 units mentioned above have not yet been able to submit their Constitution and Bye Laws, Bank Account details, minutes of their last election held, cleared their dues including affiliation fee are required to complete the documentation and submit to ABCA by 15th March 2018 in order to avoid any embarrassment for themselves .
    Rules and privileges are equal to all and one should not be allowed to take advantage of leniency.
    Date and Venue of the Election
    1. Venue: Chess Training Centre ,Moinul Haqe Stadium
    2. Last date of nomination : 6 p.m. on 07-03-18
    3. Last date of withdrawal : 6 p.m. on 10-03-18
    4. Publication of list of eligible Candidates : 11-03-18
    5. Date of Election: 18-03-18 (Sunday) at Bihar Chess Training Centre, Moinulal Haque Stadium, Patna
    Number of posts and procedure of filing nominations etc.
    1. A member association may like to send its nomination for each post which should not exceed total number of five.
    Name of Post No. of post
    (i) President – 1 post
    (ii) Vice-President – 6 posts
    (iii) Secretary – 1 post
    (iv) Treasurer – 1 post
    (v) Joint Secretary – 6 posts
    (vi) Filing of Nomination – Such nominations should be furnished compulsorily on the letter head of the member association (in which complete list of office- bearers is given) under the seal and signature of the Secretary concerned.
    (vii) To whom nomination is to be submitted : Nominations letter may be sent to the Secretary ,ABCA by email attaching scan copy of the nomination letter and /or by post at his residence 75, LIC Colony, Kankarbagh, Patna- 800 020 latest by 18 Hrs on 7th March 2018. The hard copy of the nomination is to be submitted before the Returning Officer in the AGM also.
    (viii) Publication of list of valid nominees – After close scrutiny of the nominations letters received at the office, the list of valid nominations unite-wise, will be published on 8th March 2018.
    (ix) Withdrawal of Nomination : Any nomination can be withdrawn by the concerned association latest by 18 Hours on 10th March 2018. The signature of the nominee who wishes to withdraw is compulsory in that case. The withdrawal letter may be sent to Secretary ABCA by email by 18 Hrs on 10th March 2018.
    (x) Publication of list of eligible Candidates – After scrutiny of the valid nominations minus valid withdrawals, the list of valid candidates post-wise will be published on 11th March 2018.
    (xi) Eligible number of Vote : Each valid voter unit may send maximum two representatives to attend the meeting. But for the purpose of counting, a unit will have ONE vote only.
    Returning officer
    ABCA , in consultation with office-bearers, will nominate a suitable person as Returning Officer who willconduct the Election. After completion of the voting process, he will count the votes in presence of two candidates, publish/announce the results.
    Election :
    Voting will be done for the post where the number of valid candidates will be more than the number of posts. If election is required, the election will preferably be conducted through secret ballot issued under the seal of the ABCA and signature of the Returning Officer.
    However, the returning officer, in order to ensure fair and satisfactory election process and can make suitable changes in the process in consultation with the candidates and the house.
    All are requested to co-operate.
    Arvind Kumar Sinha, FIDE Master
    For and on behalf of ABCA