NOTICE- GB Meeting on 25th February 2018

    All Units of ABCA and  Office Bearers
    Dear Sir
                                                                  Notice –General Body Meeting
    The time extension for compliance of ABCA  Notification dated 17th November  2017   has ultimately came to end yesterday on 7th February  2018.
    It is pleasant to note that almost all our units have complied to the above despite a few objections and attempts of deviating from the subject and raising irrelevant issues with provocative questioning on time, tenure and authority of the Executive Committee.

    Now, the time has come when a General Body meeting be held.

    Accordingly, a GB meeting of ABCA is convened on 25th February 2018 at 12 a.m. in Bihar Chess Training Centre, Moinul Haque Stadium, Patna.                                         —-   (Notice and agenda attached)

    Needless to mention here that the members of the ensuing GB, must be genuine on at least two counts essentially i.e.  (i) a genuine  representative  (ii) of a genuine district unit . Meaning thereby, units are to produce documentary evidence of being genuinely elected as President/ Secretary ( Minutes of their GB for election) ; of a genuine and bonafide unit (that runs under a Constitution & Bye Laws with a  Bank account ). Besides, the unit is not a defaulter ( has paid up  affiliation fee and  entry fee share, registration fee dues ).
    So, those units who have not submitted those documents for one reason or the other, can now avail extra 15 days time for completing documentation and compliance  in the General Body.

    I am really thankful to those who understood and appreciated the idea and vision behind seeking documentation given in the notification and ensured compliance. We received notes of  admiration  from our units and  players for voluntary offer of sharing the Prize fund and introducing cash prizes in all our state events, no processing fee charge for holding an All India  FIDE Rating/ National events in Bihar. Appreciation from every nook and corner for a good effort aspires one to work harder and excel, after all.

    In the end,  I, on behalf of ABCA , wish to clarify that one should not unnecessarily doubt the objective /intention of a parent body which is always there to help & safeguard the interests of its associates and the body as a whole.


    Arvind Kumar Sinha, FIDE Master
    Secretary, ABCA