25th  National Under 17 Chess Championship

    7th Round report
    by R.K.Hansdah

    Aradhya Garg and M Mahalaxmi lead in National Undr-17 Boys & Girls Chess

    Aradhya Garg of Delhi (6.5 points) and M Mahalaxmi of TN (6) lead the table after completion of the  7th round in respective section of  the 25th National Under-17 Boys and Girls Chess Championship in progress at Adhiweshan Bhawan, Patna.  Mahalaxmi defeated her counterpart G K Monisha in a game of ‘Caro Kann’ while Aradhya, in a game of ‘Slav Defence’ earned full point against his rival A Abhishek of Kerala. The sole leader in previous round Aradhya, had a commanding position in the middle game and his pawn majority on the queen side helped him decide the game in his favour with black pieces. Playing on subsequent boards V Pranawanand (5.5) of Andhra got insignificant advantage in the end game to convert his result into a win in the game of ‘Modern defence’ and agreed to draw with Vaibhav Mishra (5) of Odhissa to remain on the second place. Similar were the fates of S Adithya (5) of TN against Y Grahesh (4.5) of AP,  Bengal’s Saptarshi Gupta (4.5) and  N Krishna Teja (4.5) of Andhra and  S Yogit (4.5) of TN and Vishwanath Vivek (4.5) of Telangana who agreed to draw their games while S Prasanna (5) of TN snatched a full point against his mate M Eshwar (4).

    Hemant Raam (5)  of TN of course registered convincing victory over his opponent Saurabh Anand (4) of Bihar and joined the third spot jointly with 5 points each.

    In Girls’ section, V Vaishnavi of TN and Tejaswani Sagar of Maharashtra (both on 5.5 points) are trailing behind on the second place after emerging victorious over their respective rivals G Lasya (4.5) of AP and Tarini Goel (4.5) of Chandigarh in hard fought games of Sicilian and King’s Indian respectively. Among those who are on third spot jointly with 5 points are, Arpita Mukharjee of WB, Sruja Sheshadri of TN, Sakhshi Chitlange with her team mate Sone G Janhavi of Maharashtra and V Toshali of AP.


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    • आमंत्रण – पारितोषिक वितरण -राष्ट्रीयअंडर-17 प्रतियोगिता

      सेवा में सभी जिला इकाइयां एवं उनकी कार्यरिणी के समस्त सदस्य गण, मान्यता प्राप्त क्लब ,राज्य संघ की कार्यकारिणी एवं अन्य समितियों के सदस्य तथा आपके माध्यम से सभी शतरंज प्रेमी एवं शुभेच्छु  गण को  प्रेषित                                                                 25वीं राष्ट्रीय अंडर-17 बालक एवं बालिका शतरंज प्रतियोगिता ,पटना — पारितोषिक वितरण समारोह  10 दिसम्बर  2014         ...
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    • Round 10 Report

      Tournament hall

      Patna- 9 December 2014 Results /News of 25th National Under 17 Chess Championship – Round 10 Report ———by Arvind Kumar Sinha, FIDE Master Aradhya Garg (8.5) Delhi and V Pranavanand (8.5) of AP jointly lead in boys section while M Mahalaxmi (8) TN continue to lead the tables after completion of the 10th round in ...
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    • 10 वें चक्र का रिपोर्ट तथा परिणाम

      Aradhya Garg

      पटना, 9 दिसम्बर 2014 10 वें चक्र का रिपोर्ट तथा परिणाम — अरविन्द कुमार सिन्हा,फिडे मास्टर दिल्ली के आराध्य गर्ग (8.5) और आंध्र के वी प्रणवानंद (8.5) संयुक्त रूप से बालक वर्ग में अधिवेशन भवन में चल रही 25वीं राष्ट्रीय अंडर 17 शतरंज प्रतियोगिता के 10वें चक्र की समाप्ति के बाद शीर्ष पर आ गये ...
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